A Mans Mind: Striving To Be Your Best After Divorce

Individuals are blessed with qualities, talents and gifts that once identified, harnessed and cultivated give us the potential to be powerfully unique.  Every person sees and relates to the world differently.  Those who embrace life, and are successful, tend to not only possess, but live, the following traits.

Belief In Self
Do you value and respect yourself?  Although praise and affirmation from others is gratifying, individuals who have a strong belief in themselves don’t rely on others to validate their worth.



Really? Yes, Really!
Be realistic.  Are you expecting too much from yourself?  People tend to set goals and implement actions plans but those people who are most successful are realistic about what they can accomplish.  They aren’t afraid to say no to themselves or others when it is obvious the expectation is too great or they haven’t the talent or skills to accomplish the goal.


Roll With the Flow
Are you able to “roll with the flow” or must you always be right?  Are you unable to embrace failure as well as success?  People who are adventurous and challenge themselves are able to risk, make mistakes, accept consequences (good, bad & ugly) and continue to strive to enhance their lives.


Take responsibility for what you have done and the choices you have made.  Although, it is human nature to make excuses or deny your problems once in awhile, successful people take ownership of their actions, decisions and outcomes.  Emotional Stability
Are you aware of your feelings?  Do you allow yourself too freely and openly experience and not judge your full range of emotions?  Successful people not only allow themselves to experience their full range of emotions, but acknowledge them, learn from them and move on.

Seeking & Embracing the Challenges of Living Life
Are you resilient?  Do you hold on to failures, problems and emotional issues?  Successful people are risk takers, adventurous and realize that with every success comes greater strength and with every problem come new opportunities to learn and to succeed.

You’re Asking For It
Those who are comfortable with asking for what they need can solve more problems.  It results in a “win win” situation you honor the talents of others and you benefit by resolving a problem and learn.

Don’t let the commits and opinions of others derail you from actively living life.  Embrace life’s challenges and enjoy the journey.

© Richard J. Avdoian, MS, MSW, CSP (2009)

Richard Avdoian , MS, MSW, CSP Dads Divorce Coach

Located in Metro St. Louis, Richard works men who are in the divorce process and with men who are committed to living healthy lives, enhancing their personal relationships and achieve their goals.  Richard can be reached at Richard@RichardAvdoian.com

 © Richard J. Avdoian, MS, MSW, CSP (2009)

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