A Man’s Mind:The Manly Art of Being the Tooth Fairy

If your child is with you when he or she loses a tooth you may want to be prepared and have a plan for dealing with the Tooth Fairy.

First of all, celebrate the event with your child and explain this is the first step towards being a teenager.  Consider a trip to the local ice cream shop or a favorite to restaurant or a special activity.

Read more after the jump for a few Tooth Fairy Tips:


Think before you act – have a simple routine established that is easy to remember and execute.

Purchase identical bags or boxes for the tooth/money exchange making the exchange easy.

Determine a standard amount of money per tooth, ideally $ .50 – $1.00.

Rather than under the pillow establish a specific location such as under the mattress, on the night stand or desk.  Making the exchange easier to avoid waking your child.

The reward is the memory you create for your child and yourself.

Richard Avdoian , MS, MSW, CSP Dads Divorce Coach

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One comment on “A Man’s Mind:The Manly Art of Being the Tooth Fairy

    I’ve had had primary custody of my son since me and his mother split up when he was 5 he’s 8 now i found the “softer” side to handle things like first tooth and when he was 6 he had to have 4 teeth removed surgically removed. not only did i have to comfort my son went he came out of sugery what made harder was fighting the anger of the fact his mother could of cared less. did’nt even call till she wanted to make sure i was “dropping him off” and spite him crying she still screamed out”i have a court order” but that doesnt exuse of being a perent when your child is with the other parent.

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