Abused Men: The Hidden Side Of Domestic Violence

DadsDivorce.com editor, Rick Ortiz discusses the book Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence with author Philip Cook.

Cook fleshes out the true nature of violence in America today including the numbers that are often not mentioned: those describing violence targeting the man as the victim, sometimes using examples of couples we are all familiar with.

We do see abuse of men in the media… usually with a laugh track under it.

Cook also discusses the difference in tactics that men and women use to commit violence, the changes in policies related to domestic violence, and the differences in the perception of the general public toward abuse directed toward men versus women.

Watch the video interview after the jump.


To learn more, go to the Abused Men homepage:  http://www.abusedmen.com/

What are your experience with domestic violence policies?

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One comment on “Abused Men: The Hidden Side Of Domestic Violence

    This Isn’t Payback, It’s Abuse!
    Watched the video and got into a discussion with a couple friends about this. They seemed to insinuate that “guys have it coming to them.” I think this is a prevailing attitude in America. That somehow men are the villians of society. Partially this was brought on by the the anti-male rhetoric of the Feminists infecting the soft minds of a society that is easy to influence. I have to admit that growing up in a family of women that even I once held these beliefs though I didn’t know where they came from or upon what foundation they were built. It’s a quite whisper in our society.

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