Do I have to pay child support for a kid that isn’t mine?

Question: I have been divorced now for around 2 years. I pay child support and alimony. My child is 11 years old. I just found out today through a DNA test that the child is not mine. My ex-wife has been lying to me all this time. Is there anyway or anything to do so that I don’t have to pay child support any more? This has just TORN me apart and it’s only going to tear me apart even more knowing that my ex-wife is going to be LAUGHING at me all the way to the bank with me paying child support until the age of 18. Is there any JUSTICE for a man in this situation? Can you help me or guide me in the right direction?

Answer: Unbelievably, the answer to this question depends entirely on which state made the initial determination of support.  A handful of states, most recently Missouri, offer a legal father who is not the biological father the option of contesting paternity with DNA evidence.  Some states, including Kansas, have determined that once a man has been named the legal father of a child, DNA evidence proving the non-existence of a parent-child relationship will be ruled inadmissible by the Court.

You should immediately consult an attorney in the state that issued the original support order (which may be different than the state your currently reside in) to determine your rights, if any, to contest the initial determination of paternity.

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One comment on “Do I have to pay child support for a kid that isn’t mine?

    I have never seen the child and they have never proved hes mine, do I have to pay child support even if I request a dna?
    My husband was with a woman when they were both under the age, and she had gotten pregnant but didn’t know who the father was. He tried to stay with her after it but when she was 5 months pregnant, she left him for the other pressumed father. When the baby was born, she wanted my husband to sign the birth certificate cause she told him the baby was his and they stayed seperated. We met that same year and when she found out about it, she came at him with unpaid doctors bills that we paid over $1,500 for in child support. Now that she’s with the other pressumed father again and is expecting a child with him, she wants us to pay child support fully now. We want to do a dna before taking it any further, will proving he isn’t the father stop the process of child support? And if he is, will we be able to get custody? He has only met the child 5 times in 5 years cause she refuses to let him see him, and they were never married or living together. What should we do?

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