How do I handle my ex coming into my home without consent?

Question: My ex-wife and mother-in-law were allowed into my house by our 12-year-old daughter while I was out of the house. Without my consent, furniture was moved from her room. How do you suggest I deal with this situation?


Answer: I would speak with your ex-wife and explain that it was inappropriate (outside of an emergency) to enter your home without your consent.  If she indicates that she will comply, problem solved.  If she is belligerent, I would inform her in writing that she is not welcome on your property.  If she refuses to stay off your property I would contact the authorities regarding her trespass. If your ex-wife actually took furniture from your home I would request that it be returned in short order.  Let her know that the authorities will be called if the furniture is not returned.

Obviously another option would be to inform your daughter that it was inappropriate to allow anyone into your home, including her mother and grandmother, without you being present or your direct approval.    It believe having that conversation would depend upon the maturity and emotional state of your daughter.


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One comment on “How do I handle my ex coming into my home without consent?

    My exwife entered my newly acquired residents/home(5months after the devorce)and took video of me napping in my bed with my daughter and son while they watched a movie. My 4 year old son answered the door. She claims she video recorded herself vigorously shaking me and assumed i was blacked out drunk. Before the beginning of the new week(3 days from said incident)she claims she lost the recording.
    My question is- can she enter my personal property with permission from a child furthermore attempt to aquire said incriminating footage of me?

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