Ask A Divorce Lawyer: What is considered shared property during a divorce?


I am thinking about getting a divorce. We have been married for three years. All that I want is joint custody and to not pay alimony. We do not have any shared property, meaning every thing that we own is either in my name or her name.

What is the best way to go about this? Is there any way some of our property can be deemed shared property even though we have nothing in both of our names?




First, I must state that I am not licensed in Georgia, although Cordell & Cordell, P.C. has attorney’s who are licensed and located in Georgia.  They would be more than happy to discuss your case with you.

The categorization of assets in a marriage as shared, marital, and/or community are all state specific. Generally, title of an asset does not determine its status in a marriage. For instance, just because a piece of property is titled in your name alone, it may still be considered marital properly if it was purchased during the marriage and with marital funds. An attorney in your jurisdictions will be able to provide you with specific advice regarding your assets of the marriage.



Jason Bowman is an attorney in the Louisville, Kentucky office of Cordell & Cordell, P.C. He is licensed in the states of Kentucky and Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Louisville, and received his Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University.

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