Ask A Lawyer: Do I Need To Make Changes in Custody Official?


My son is 16 and has been demanding for years that he should come live with me. My wife has opposed this for years, but the other day she dropped him off with his stuff. When he came in he said that she finally agreed.

My question is: does this need to be made official? I still have several years of child support to pay which I don’t mind paying her. But, on the other hand it doesn’t seem right that I pay her money if he isn’t living with her anymore.

I don’t want support from her. I just don’t want her coming at me with some kind of contempt order.  By the way, we do not talk at all. The last word she said to me was the day we split up. What would you recommend?



Yes, you need to make this official.  You can not modify child support without a court order.


Spencer E. Williams is the Team Leader over St Louis, St Charles, Indianapolis and Arnold (Jefferson County, MO) offices of Cordell & Cordell, P.C. where he practices exclusively in the area of domestic relations. Mr. Williams has tried numerous cases dealing with complex custody issues, maintenance, business assets and personal asset division. 

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