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I have joint physical custody of 14 year old son with my ex as the primary. The number of overnight spent with me have worked out to be 60% as oposed to the 25% that was used in the inital calculation a year ago. When using the calculators to allocate the number of overnights I’m shown as paying expenses which at this time is not correct. The best I’m able to calculate is a 50/50 split. Is there a way of getting a support figure based upon the secondary parent having a majority of overnights?


I agree that calculating child support when both parents have joint custody can be difficult. I am confused as to why mom is noted as primary physical custodian if you have the majority of time. However, if that is what the order says then I suppose you need to mark yourself as paying support or non-custodial parent when using the worksheet. Indiana does not utilize percentages for the purpose of giving a parenting time credit anymore. It is based on the actual number of overnights. Put the actual number of overnights you have your son, your income, mom’s income, health insurance premiums(if paid) in the worksheet. The result should give you a recommended support amount. If mom has more income or equal income to yours then the result should be no support or negative support in your column. If a negative number appears, no one pays support. The only way mom would be ordered to pay support is if she were the non-custodial parent.
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