Ask A Lawyer: How Much Does It Cost To Start a Divorce?


I am currently married, but have not lived with my wife for at least 10 years. We have no assets or property together. We have 2 children under the age of 18 of which she has custody. There is a court order in place for child support (I’m current) as well as an order for visitation. I live in Missouri and she stays in Illinois.

I want a divorce and I want to know how much it costs to get started.



This requires consultation with an attorney in your locality.  Generally, issues involving the children will be under the jurisdiction of the courts where they live, issues involving real property will be under the jurisdiction of the courts where the property is, and the dissolution of marriage can be where a party lives.  There is no "common law" divorce.


Erik H. Carter is a Senior Attorney of the Cordell & Cordell, P.C. office in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as the Litigation Manager of both the Indianapolis and Pittsburgh offices. Mr. Carter has practiced since 1993 as an attorney. He is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania as well as the Northern District of Indiana and the Southern District of Indiana.

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