Ask A Lawyer: She Is Rewarded For Not Working


Why must I pay? I have joint and 50/50 parenting time. Both of us are remarried. Both of our spouses are employed. She chooses to be a stay at home mother. I choose to work. But, because I work I must pay child support and reward her for remaining at home.

I provide her a room, clothing and amenities, better than her mother. I am currently disabled. I went to the court and they stopped the support accruals. To accomplish this I claimed discrimination.

Yet, if LTD or Social Security kicks in I will probably have to pay a portion to my ex. Why am I penalized for a choice she made to stay home? While married she earned $75k, bonus, and stock options… she is capable of working. She is college educated with a degree in math.





Many states allow a trial court to “impute” an income to a parent for the purpose of calculating child support.  Impute means to assign to her the income she is capable of earning.  It may depend on exactly why she is presently a “stay at home” mother.  If she is capable of earning that wage, and there is nothing requiring her to stay at home (like a disabled child), then the court should be aware of her potential.



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