What if wife voluntarily quits her job for lesser paying job?


I have been divorced over 5 years. I pay no child support. I have joint legal and joint physical custody of my son. We get along fine and trade days, weeks, eves, etc. with absolutely no problems.
Recently, my ex has become very serious about changing jobs. Because of her career, there is about a 90% likelihood she will take about a 10-15k a year pay cut. I asked her how she will be able to afford that type of pay cut? She will only say that she doesn’t need that much money to make it.
I am concerned that she is going to go after a modification and now ask for child support. I have kept my end of the bargain, my son lives with me 1/2 the time and we split all expenses 50/50. We originally made about the same money.
Now I have a disability retirement pension plus I’ve started my own company. I may make about 10k more than she does presently, including my retirement. Do I have anything to worry about? Am I being too paranoid? When I had to suddenly take a disability retirement I never asked her for money when she made more than me. Any suggestions?


If she does file and takes a voluntary pay cut then the court most likely will not look on that as just cause to modify the support arrangement alone. Even with your increase, you should still be successful in fending off a request for child support unless there are other factors plead by her, and not known to you now.
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