Behaviors to Avoid in a Custody Dispute

Compiled from the Men’s Divorce Attorneys of Cordell & Cordell

The following is a list of behaviors to avoid when involved in a custody dispute.

Avoiding these and similar behaviors will help you stay focused on the custody issues instead of being dragged into side issues when you go to court.

An experienced family law attorney will be able to specifically advise you on things you can do to help obtain your desired outcome in a custody case.

  • Do not interfere with or unnecessarily complicate the visitation of the other parent.
  • Do not yell at the other parent or your children.
  • Avoid physical confrontations with the other parent and/or children.
  • Consult your attorney before deciding to move in with a significant other or making other changes in living arrangements that may affect your children.
  • Do not unfairly or excessively criticize the other parent to friends, family members, or the Guardian ad Litem/Custody Evaluator in your case.
  • Do not withhold child support payments.
  • Do not deny telephone contact with the other parent when the children are with you.
  • Do not take the children out of the area overnight without letting the other parent know where the children will be and how to contact you.
  • Do not remove the children from school or daycare for non-emergency reasons without discussing with the other parent.

In addition to avoiding these negative behaviors, you should also engage in positive behaviors with your children, and if possible, with the other parent regarding the children.

Spend as much time with your children as possible, be as involved and knowledgeable as possible with your children’s school and social activities, and document your involvement in your children’s daily lives. You should also attempt to keep the other parent informed of matters involving your children.

Again, a well-qualified family law attorney in your jurisdiction will be able to advise you on what factors judges in your area may be specifically looking for when determining a custody outcome.

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