Book Excerpt & Giveaway: A Brand New Day – A Banana Split Story

A Brand New DayWhen sharing custody of your son or daughter, it can be challenging for the child to maintain a sense of family while shuffling back and forth between parents during the week.

In “A Brand New Day – A Banana Split Story,” children’s author A.S. Chung shows that it’s possible to maintain a loving relationship with both parents even though they are divorced. With illustrations from Paula Bossio, Chung follows a young girl whose parents are divorced throughout a typical week. On one page, she’s gleefully planting flowers with her mother. On the next, she’s joyfully camping with her father. 

The book is perfect for a young child trying to comprehend how they will hold a happy relationship with both parents even though they are split. It explains that the child’s relationship with his/her parents doesn’t have to be of the either/or variety.


As the book states on its final pages, “I love both my parents as much as they love me. I know we’re apart but we will always be three.”

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Read a few short excerpts from “A Brand New Day – A Banana Split Story” below.

“I love Mondays and Tuesdays when I get to stay with my Dad, I get to help make dinner with recipes from his notepad.”

“I love Wednesdays and Thursdays when I’m with my Mum, I get to help with the garden and be a green thumb.”

“I love Fridays and Saturdays when I’m with my father, I can read my books or paint whichever I would rather?”

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