How Can A Dad Ensure His Children Are Protected?


I share joint custody of my two children with my ex-wife, who is the custodial parent. She is dating a guy who has previously been convicted of child abuse.

I really do not want my children spending time around him as I believe it is not safe for them. Everybody I have talked to says I can’t do anything unless something happens to the kids. Is that true? As a joint parent, is there any way for me to be proactive to protect my children?


Please be advised that I am barred in Missouri and will answer your question based on my experience practicing in Missouri. I would suggest contacting a family law attorney in your area.

In Missouri, if we believe there is harm to a child, we can file a petition for preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order. We set out for the court why we believe the children are in immediate danger and need protection from the court.

You will likely need the details of his felony child abuse charge (when it occurred, where, what happened, etc.) to provide the attorney so they can argue your children need protection from this individual. You may not prevail and get the restraining order because nothing has happened yet, but it might be worth a shot to protect your children.

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