Can I Make My Ex-Spouse Pay My Attorney Fees?

attorney feesQuestion:

During my custody case my ex-wife told several lies that caused the case to be very drawn out and resulted in a lot more attorney fees. Since she perjured herself, can I be repaid for those attorney fees?


Please be advised that I am barred in Pennsylvania and will answer your question based on my experience in Pennsylvania.

In this state, if a party perjures him or herself while testifying under oath, the court can enter sanctions against that party.

With regard to seeking attorney fees, in this state, a petition for special relief along with a certification of attorney fees in general must be submitted to the court. Whether or not attorney fees are granted is in the discretion of the court.

In this state, in general, attorney fees are not ordinarily awarded unless the opposing party is at fault (i.e. in contempt of a custody order, in breach of a property settlement agreement, etc.) and usually only if the breach is egregious.

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