Psychological Exams In Child Custody Battles


My wife suffers from a personality disorder, which has been informally diagnosed by our family therapist. As a result of her mental illness, she is emotionally and physically abusive to my children and I.

Can a court order be put into place to have a psychological exam done on my wife? And if she was found to be mentally unfit, how could that change the outcome of the custody battle?


A family court may order a child custody evaluation, which looks into one or both parents’ mental health and parenting practices. An evaluation is usually conducted by a licensed counselor, social worker or psychologist.

A judge will rely on such an evaluation when considering child custody matters. The court will likely order a custody arrangement that is in the “best interests of the children.”

Concerns regarding the safety of any children involved in a custody dispute will most likely affect the outcome of a child custody matter. Keep in mind that the court will always act in the best interests of the children.

Finally, depending on the state, a child may be able to directly address the court as to the child’s wishes regarding visitation, and a judge will consider the child’s request when determining the custody arrangement.

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