Do You Have To Report Increased Income To The Court?

divorce lawyer Daniel LambertQuestion:

I was recently promoted and will receive an increased salary. Since I pay child support to my ex-wife am I legally obligated to inform her or the court of my increased income?

I assume that would automatically result in a child support modification and an increase in my payments.


I can only provide general divorce tips for men and recommend that you consult with a mens divorce attorney licensed in your state concerning your divorce case.

Each state has their own laws on modification of child support and the necessary disclosures concerning income. Where I practice, so long as a child support obligation remains in effect the payor has to provide annual tax returns to the their ex-spouse.

The payor must also must notify the court, child support agency, and the ex-spouse of any substantial changes of income within 10 days. This is generally explicitly stated in the final divorce decree. You should consult your actual divorce decree to identify whether the disclosure requirements are stated in your case.

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Whether the change is substantial will depend the particulars of the case and how the final divorce was structured. Usually, the court will not automatically adjust child support unless a spouse files a motion for same.

I recommend that you consult with a mens divorce attorney licensed in your state to review your divorce documents and advise you on the child support process in your county.

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