DadsDivorce Live: Canada Court Watch Interview

Reports from the Canadian Symposium For Parental Alienation Syndrome
Vol. 9 Vernon Beck is the founder of Canada Court Watch, an independent media source that pushes for accountability and transparency within the Canadian court system. 
As advocates for those who face injustice within the court system, Canada Court Watch, investigates cases and reports on them on their website:
We are seeing cases involving Parental Alienation Syndrome where a wrong diagnosis and interpretation by the tryors of fact as to who is doing the alienating. Parents who are good, loving parents are having their children taken away because the judges do not understand the evidence being put before them.
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One comment on “DadsDivorce Live: Canada Court Watch Interview

    Reply to comments of Mr. Vernon Beck
    Not only that judges do not understand PAS, they actually support it. Alienated children are potential great source of income (Remember Pennsylvania Judges?!). Judges are active part of criminal network ironically called a “Family Network” Other members of this network are; so called “Safe Houses” and agencies around them, HHS is of course major participant in all crimes against family and children, Feminist organizations – those who cynically claim fight for woman rights, I call them “professional victims”, Psychologist’s who are selling evaluations to DA’s to justify their “quasi case”, DA’s who are covering prostitution between social workers, lawyers and others from that criminal establishment with divorcing woman. Do not forget discriminatory “child support agencies” etc. Let me quote myself from “FAMILY TESTAMENT”: [b][i]”All of them are most dangerous socio-parasitical Symbiosis in our society” [/i][/b]

    Mick Karabegovic
    Author of “FAMILY TESTAMENT”

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