International Child Abduction advocate Patrick Braden

In this week’s edition of DadsDivorce Live, host Matt Allen talks with Patrick Braden about international child abductions. Braden’s daughter was taken three years ago by her birth mother to Japan and he has not seen her since.

Since then Braden has been advocating on Capitol Hill for the safe return of children everywhere, including helping get House Resolution 125 passed last March that will benefit thousands of children and their left behind parents.


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One comment on “International Child Abduction advocate Patrick Braden

    Dear Mr. Braden,

    My name is Mike Knight and I too have a child in Japan. I am able to go and see him, but would much rather be with him. His mother doesn’t keep him from me, so for that I am thankful.

    I am sorry that you are unable to see your child and I do pray that you will be able to reconnect very soon.

    I am writing because I wish to help or be a part of the help in any way I can.

    All my best,
    Mike Knight

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