Dadsdivorce LIVE: Perjury And Other Dirty Tricks

 “Speaking of perjury [involving false accusations of abuse]: When you place at the feet of a party in litigation a weapon, when so much that’s so important is on the table, and they can so easily reach down and grab that weapon, are we to believe that it’s not going to be used? This is not a weapon that’s equally available to both sides of the table.”


The newest installment of DadsDivorce Live features Cordell & Cordell Principal, Joseph Cordell and Stanley Charles Thorne discussing the real-world inequality and bias that exists in the family law system. Because of gender bias, unfair distribution and tacit encouragement of the use of legal “weapons” in court, men are discouraged from contesting their STBX wives’ child custody demands, resulting in a fatherless society that harms children.

Join us for this three-part series examining Thorne’s origins as an advocate, unfair and unwritten “policies” that create an uneven starting point for distribution of children after divorce.

Cordell and Thorne discuss the general problems that dictate dysfunctional practices in family court. From Federal financial incentives that steer child support policies, to the blatent bias of the Violence Against Women Act, to custody “beliefs” that contradict scientifically accepted social studies regarding the best interests of developing children.

Watch all three episodes! Part 1, Part 2


Joseph E. Cordell is the Principal at Cordell and Cordell, PC, which he founded in 1990 with his wife, Yvonne.

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2 comments on “Dadsdivorce LIVE: Perjury And Other Dirty Tricks

    My life is ruined
    My wife called cops 14 times at home in a duration of 8-10 months. Every time cops came and left home just warning her and me but never arrested me or filed any DV/battery/abuse. In my life time I just had received two traffic citation.

    Somehow she wanted me to get arrested and she couldn’t achieve that. Hence my wife filed Temp. PFA against me.
    That forced me to stay out of my home till next hearing.

    In court, I didn’t admitted these allegations still court issued permanent PFA for 18 months saying PFA issued “without defendants
    admission”. Later my wife applied for child support and spousal support as well as petition for divorce.

    Now half of my salary is gone and I am not able to pay my home mortgage and loans accumulated during marriage. My wife moved out of home with child.

    At least I got alternate three weekend nights child visitation rights.

    Now I am waiting for a divorce notice to be served in Jan 2010 which will invite financial suicide to me. So fare I lost most of my saving.

    May be someone will find me living in dumpster or in a county prison in coming months.

    Without my fault the court system ruined my life.

    MO Family court denied my petition of child support because I am a Dad
    I had a hearing for child support from my ex wife who lives in the State of New Jersey. I live in St. Charles county. I have had sole and physical custody of my son for 3 years. His mother refuses to pay chid support. After a hearing over the phone on February 22nd in which I was requesting child support retroactive to the date my son arrive to MO (October of 2006). The hearig was over the phone from the court in Jefferson City, MO. I received the decision of the court on August 16. My petition for child support was DENIED. I don’t understand. I thought that child support is the right of the child. I only have 30 days to reaquest a Judicial Review of the order. I need an attorney. Can I meet with you ASAP to start a procedure in the St. Charles county family court.
    Thank you
    James Gleeson, Custodial Father. 636-447-6958

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