DadsDivorce LIVE: Reforming An Unfair Family Law System

 “We can engineer family law as a system for a particular outcome. What we have now is an outcome that creates deficits in children for no good reason, by removing parents from kids’ lives for no good reason.”


The newest installment of DadsDivorce Live features Cordell & Cordell, PC Principal, Joseph Cordell and Stanley Charles Thorne discussing the real-world inequality and bias that exists in the family law system. Because of gender bias, unfair distribution and tacit encouragement of the use of legal “weapons” in court, men are discouraged from contesting their STBX wives’ child custody demands, resulting in a fatherless society that harms children.

Join us for this three-part series examining Thorne’s origins as an advocate, unfair and unwritten “policies” that create an uneven starting point for distribution of children after divorce.

Cordell and Thorne discuss the general problems that dictate dysfunctional practices in family court. From Federal financial incentives that steer child support policies, to the blatent bias of the Violence Against Women Act, to custody “beliefs” that contradict scientifically accepted social studies regarding the best interests of developing children.

Watch all three episodes! Part One


Joseph E. Cordell is the Principal at Cordell and Cordell, PC, which he founded in 1990 with his wife, Yvonne.

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One comment on “DadsDivorce LIVE: Reforming An Unfair Family Law System

    Language is key to moving forward in a proper judicial response to the issues you raise here.
    I recently moved to Florida as a result of divorce and custody proceedings that I had to bring (beg. ’08) and have since closed as a result of my ex coming to the state with my now 2+ year old son.

    Throughout the course of the case the laws shifted to new language yet from the beginning our judge and others were using the language of the laws that were to come.

    I believe the effect was dramatic and an already awful situation wold have been made that much worse just with the use of older more outdated language as it would have even further increased the high anxieties and anger of my ex that that need no further exacerbation. Men have enough obstacles in this process without language barriers in the law making things more difficult.

    If you are on Facebook, I recently started a group wish explains some of the language changes and would be great for those that you are connected to join in and raly behind this cause. Feel free to add your videos and educate those that are already on the page.



    Here is some of the messages of the Facebook page:
    1. Florida is a Vanguard for GREAT change in Child Custody laws…
    2. Eliminate words: CUSTODY & VISITATION
    4. Nurture Cooperation & Communication & Develop Parenting Plan With Co-Parent
    5. Nothing Trumps Best Interest of Child & If Both Parents Recognize This Then Co-Parents Particpation Should Be Reflected In Egalitarian Form

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