DadsDivorce LIVE: The Forgotten Victim Of Domestic Violence

Although the issue of domestic violence has been brought to the forefront recently, there is still an often overlooked victim that frequently finds a lack of resources and adequate support when faced with domestic abuse. The majority of victims in domestic violence cases are women, but 1 in 7 men have faced experienced some severe physical violence by an intimate partner.

The Dallas Morning News recently produced an 11-part in-depth series exploring the many issues surrounding domestic violence cases. As one part of that series, reporter Diane Jennings looked at the challenges men face when they are victims. With much of the media attention and resources to helping victims being geared toward women, male victims often find resources and support difficult to find. A number of factors play into this, including some unfair gender stereotypes.

Ms. Jennings joins DadsDivorce Live to discuss the research she conducted for the story regarding male domestic violence victims and why they face some of these unique challenges.

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One comment on “DadsDivorce LIVE: The Forgotten Victim Of Domestic Violence

    The courts do not care if the children of domestic violence are safe or get proper support. This ” system ” stinks. And the victim continues to get victumized

    There are little to no support systems in place except the VCCB and the victim dies not know about it and the ” therapists ” who do nothing take that money pathetic

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