The Fourteen Percenter, a Resource for Non-Custodial Parents

DadsDivorce Live host Dan Cuneo of Cordell & Cordell, P.C. discusses the email newsletter, Fourteen Percenter, with editor Don Mathis.  The publication comes from Mathis’ experiences as a non-custodial parenthood, and it offers poetry, information, advice and articles of interest.

For Fourteen Percenter back issues, click here.



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One comment on “The Fourteen Percenter, a Resource for Non-Custodial Parents

    I want to know if their is something i can do for my daughter when my ex-girlfriend and her husband has been to court for not paying for thier house payment. The person who owns the house has been trying to evict them out of the house. I am wooried for the safety of my daughter. If my daughter was living with me she would not have to worry about bening removed from where i live.

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