The Politician Behind New Jersey Alimony Reform

new jersey alimony reformAlimony reform is gaining national momentum as states such as Massachusetts have enacted much-needed updates to archaic alimony laws, while other states, including New Jersey and Florida, are looking to do the same.

This DadsDivorce Live episode’s guest is Republican Assemblyman Sean Kean, one of the driving forces behind alimony reform in New Jersey.

Assemblyman Kean, who is a practicing attorney, recently introduced a joint resolution in New Jersey that calls for the creation of an 11-member commission to study alimony reform.

Listen to the podcast below for Assemblyman Kean’s proposed changes to alimony in New Jersey, where his pieces of legislation currently stand, and where alimony has gone so terribly wrong in his state.


Learn more about the movement by visiting the New Jersey Alimony Reform website.


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