DadsDivorce Live’s Ask a Lawyer: Alimony, child support, and residency

Rick Ortiz with DadsDivorce Live discusses the topics of alimony, income used for child support, and establishing residency with family law attorney Dan Cuneo, J.D. of Cordell & Cordell, P.C., a firm focusing on representing men in divorce.


Dan Cuneo is a Senior Attorney in the St. Louis office of Cordell & Cordell, P.C. He is a member of the Missouri Bar Association and the Bar Association of Missouri St. Louis. He is licensed in the state of Missouri.




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One comment on “DadsDivorce Live’s Ask a Lawyer: Alimony, child support, and residency

    father pissed off
    i have been going threw this for years on what i owe on child support arrears when i went to court back in 2000 i agreeded to pay 7,000 and since then they have took out of my payroll a 134.00 weekly and in 2007 they took my whole tax check of 7,134.00 and most of it after that i have payed over 25,000 dollars and they still say i owe another 7,000 how can they charge me interest on interset last year i got a check back from they saying a overpayment happended and now again there taking 110.00 a week from my payroll i’m not understanding how they are coming up with i still owe her child supoort i have requested a itemized statment on what i have payed and never got nothing from the state to show what i payed all i get threw the mail is statments what i owe and everyone is a differnt amount and i’m not talking a couple of dollars i’m taking hunders of dollars and there not even 3 months apart when my daughter turned 18 she never came off till my son turned 18 my kids are 27 and 26 years old could use some advice or help in the right direction to get this tooking care of thanks

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