• Introduction
  • Custody
  • Child support
  • First legal steps
  • Temporary motions
  • Discovery and depositions
  • Settlement
  • Motions and orders
  • Pre-trial conference
  • The trial
  • Modification
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Using Experts
  • Private investigators
  • Parting words
  • About the author
  • This is a divorce guide adapted with permission from “Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide to Winning Child Custody” written by Joseph E. Cordell, J.D., founding partner of the Cordell & Cordell law firm. Although not specific to any particular state, this guide should help divorced and divorcing dads maximize their role in their kids lives.

    Many dads face divorce feeling angry, bewildered, confused, and uninformed. The break up of a long-term relationship is often even more traumatic when coupled with the need to deal with issues such as custody, support, and division of assets, property and debts.

    The inherent bias of the court system in favor of women further exacerbates divorce for many men. The result is that the judicial system – lawyers, judges, social workers, and the administration – is prone to assume, without proof, that moms should be the primary custodial parent, that men accused of abuse are guilty of abuse, and conversely, that men alleging abuse are lying or overreacting. The “system” assumes that women are not as capable of generating income as men are, and that a man is less deserving of assets earned by a woman than when the reverse circumstances exist.

    Given that you will be fighting an uphill battle, your overarching objective must be to obtain the best possible result. You owe to your kids the most they can have of you – your time, your wisdom, and your participation in their lives. You owe them the best possible outcome.

    This site is a hardheaded and pragmatic information source and instruction manual for divorced and divorcing dads seeking to maximize their role in their children’s lives. The information contained in this site will provide useful guidenece and insight into the divorce process, which will in turn enable you to provide invaluable assistance to your attorney in building your case. This site teaches you the ways to ensure that the courts award you the most time and the most influence possible in the aftermath of your divorce.

    Even when you cannot commence play on the 50-yard line, you can still often win. You simply have to work harder than your opponent. Besides, if you are a determined dad, throwing down your helmet and walking off the field is not an option. The game will go on without you.

    This online custody guide is adapted with permission from “Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide to Winning Child Custody” (266 pages, softcover) – available on

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