Divorce Today: Parent Coaching, Improving Your Greatest Job

This week’s Divorce Today features an interview with Certified Parenting Coach, Connie Hammer.

Ms. Hammer discusses the role of a parenting coach in helping parents build stronger, more meaningful connections with their children.

Everything depends upon the parent/child relationship, and a parenting coach can help dads (especially divorced dads) forge an authentic relationship with their kids, avoiding the “Disneyland Dad” phenomenon that often times creeps into a relationship with built-in time limits.

Parenting is one of Life’s most important marathons. And, if you’re going to run a marathon it makes sense to take some advice from a trainer.

Watch the discussion after the jump and learn about the various options available for fathers who want to take their role of parent to the ultimate level.  For more information, go to TheProgressiveParent.com and ThePCI.com


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