Do I pay child support if both the child and mother are living with me?

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

I am an unwed father living with my girlfriend and our child. Even though we are living together, she thinks I should be paying her child support since we are not married.

Do I have to pay child support if the child is living with me?


First, let me preface my answer by stating that I am only licensed to practice law in Michigan. The information in the article is general in nature. You should contact an attorney in your jurisdiction immediately to discuss your options.

In most states, you do no have an obligation to pay child support if the child resides with you. It is presumed that you are paying for the child to live when it lives in your household.

Until there is a court order for child support, you do not have an obligation to pay support. If your girlfriend seeks to get child support she will have to petition the court and a child support formula will compute the correct amount of support to be paid.

Each state has its own child support calculator that will provide an estimated amount of your monthly child support. Visit the Child Support Calculator for a rough estimate of potential child support payments.

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6 comments on “Do I pay child support if both the child and mother are living with me?

    My ex pretended to rekindle things with me so we could move back in and he wouldn’t have to pay child support. Apart from a couch to sleep on he doesn’t do much else and treats me poorly. Makes me pay for groceries and internet and I do all the leg work with our child but I have no rights and we don’t have space just a couch to sleep on. Id rather live on our own again and get child support but he started taking my money after we started crashing on the couch. Should he be paying child support or not, since technically we live together but the only thing he’s offering is a couch and I’m still doing it all on my own?

    My sons mom open a child support case back in 2013 she did close it because we got back together and lived with each other on and off but for a good 2yrs strait. It’s 2019. We split and she tried to open the case again back in 2013 is this possible?? Can they go back that far or does she have to open a new case which has been over 5yrs now

    Here’s a good one just another way for Massachusetts to fuck anyone they can my girlfriend child and myself live together we get mass health which we have to pay for but the state wants her to fill out a non custodial parent form so they can get me for child support

    If me and my fiancee have a child together and living together and he’s the one that pays all the bills does he have to pay child support?

    My boyfriend was married in 2004 he and his wife broke up because she kept cheating on him. They never legally got divorced he has one daughter with her and he is on her other daughters birth certificate but is not the father she just became homeless and we let her move in how can this effect him to get a divorce and pay child support and how much would a lawyer roughly cost?

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