Do I still pay child support when my child lives with me over the summer?

Attorney Lisa HansenQuestion:

My son only lives with me about one-third of the time, but this summer I will have for 8 full weeks of his summer vacation. Am I still required to pay my ex wife child support during the time he is in my full care for two straight months?


It is always best to consult with an attorney in your state who is familiar with the laws of California.

In most cases, your time with your son should have already calculated into the child support amount.  If it has been, then you must continue to pay child support for your child even when he is in your care for the two months in the summer.


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One comment on “Do I still pay child support when my child lives with me over the summer?

    Now i am really confused, because in an article that was posted earlier it was stated that child support should be used to support the kids when they are with her. So my question is what happens to the $4,000.00 she receives in the summer when the 3 kids are with me and I am completely supporting them with my own money. In my opinion its ridiculous that she gets a free ride of money when they are with me for long periods of time. I hope she is enjoying her new home and new van Administrator:

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