Can My Ex Force My Girlfriend To Reveal Her Income?

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

I have a question about finances and divorce. My wife has demanded the amount of income my girlfriend makes as part of the financial disclosure statements she has provided me during our divorce.

I will not be able to get my girlfriend to volunteer that information or any other personal information, especially since I don’t see how it’s relevant to the case between my wife and I.

What are the consequences from not disclosing this information and who can she hold responsible?


Since I am only licensed to practice law in Wisconsin, I can only provide you with general divorce help for men to your question about divorce and financial disclosure statements.

Your girlfriend is not required to disclose her income because she is not a party to the action. Your wife may be able to access the information if it is relevant to the action and within your personal knowledge.

Where I practice, in all actions affecting the family, courts require each party to fully disclose all their assets, debts, liabilities, and earned income on a Financial Disclosure Statement. The courts require these disclosures so that they may fully adjudicate the property division between the parties and accurately order child support or maintenance if necessary.

Failure to provide a complete disclosure constitutes perjury. Your girlfriend is not a party to your domestic action and, therefore, is not under the same duty to divulge her income or complete a disclosure statement.

Your wife may be able to access the information if it is relevant and within your personal knowledge. Part of the court’s determination for property division or support obligations includes an analysis of the parties’ respective income and expenses. If one party is living with another individual who helps pay for living expenses, this information may be relevant to the court.

Your wife may be justified if she asks you to testify or disclose your girlfriend’s income if that income is being used to pay for your expenses so the court has a more accurate picture of your living conditions.

That being said, you cannot testify or disclosure information you do not personally know. If you do not know how much your girlfriend makes, you logically cannot provide that information.

I recommend consulting with a mens divorce attorney before you take any divorce decree modification actions.

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    I am law student. As far I know about the property divorce. Your girlfriend is not the part of this case so it totally depends on her whether she wants to disclose her income or not.

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