Get Your Copy of Required Reading For Men Facing Divorce

Written by the world’s foremost expert on divorce focusing on men, Cordell & Cordell, P.C. Principal Partner, Joe Cordell, JD, CPA, LL.M, this book is an absolute must for any man potentially facing divorce and especially those facing child custody issues.

For a guy, the divorce journey is experienced in a vastly different way than it is for woman, and lack of preparation for that journey is a recipe, if not for disaster, then certainly for a difficult learning curve, the consequences of which are long-term and nearly impossible to correct after the fact.

In this easy-to-understand book, Joseph Cordell walks you through the divorce process from contemplation of divorce through child custody strategy through understanding of maintenance and alimony as it affects you all the way to the end of the tunnel.

Cordell speaks the language of the men he and his successful firm have been representing for over a decade. Topics include: Opening Fire: The Petition, Answer, and Cross-Petition, Motions To Compell Evidence, Motions for Contempt, The Trial, Legal Custody, Physical Custody, How You Will Be Judged, Fighting the Fight For Custody,  Trial Preparation, Depositions, Child Support, and much more.

Read a sample chapter of Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide To Winning Child Custody here.

Read a review here.

This is a book that you must read whether you believe that divorce is on the horizon or if you’re already experiencing the disorientation that most men feel when subjected to the system.

Take charge of your divorce with the world’s foremost expert on divorce for men in your corner!

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