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We strive to provide the best litigation-centered advice for divorcing fathers available on the internet, and we’re always looking for ways to make a better resource for the men who desparately need us.

Statistics show that men are much more often caught unaware that they will soon be going through a divorce than are women. Another way of saying this is that women initiate the legal dissolution of their marriage much more often than men. We enlist the help of the most capable, largest, and we feel, most effective family litgation firm focusing on men to provide the legal information geared toward our audience.

Our sponsoring partner, Cordell & Cordell, PC, are the backbone of our site. As the nation’s largest legal entity serving men who are faces with traversing this uncertain, emotional, and in many ways life-changing transition, Cordell & Cordell, PC has established itself as the experts in their field. With over 50 attorneys in 16 cities, Cordell & Cordell, PC have amassed the mens divorce resources and experience to make them the definitive voice in the representation of fathers.

We thank the attorneys of Cordell & Cordell for their contribution to our site, and encourage you to watch and listen to their discussion of tactics on DadsDivorce video podcast, absorb the financial wisdom of Joe Cordell on his archived show, Cache Counsel, explore the peripheral elements of life amid divorce with our newest show, Divorce Today, submit your questions to Ask A Lawyer, locate a father-friendly attorney on our Attorney Referrals section, and join in on our forums moderated by dads just like you who have weathered the rough seas of divorce. We hope you will tell your friends that help is to be found here at a time when good advice is critical.


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