Hiding Money In A Divorce

Hiding money in divorce is illegal and immoral. However it’s more common than you believe. Both men and woman use these tactics every day around the world. I do not recommend hiding money in divorce, yet I am merely documenting these truths to help prepare and protect others from such wrong doing.

By hiding money in divorce your partner may be trying to lower child support and maintenance payments. You and your lawyer must look to to expose any hidden money in divorce proceedings and to establish the actual sum of money that your spouse has available.

I’ve listed five items below to give you a head start for finding out whether your spouse is hiding money in divorce.

1) Your spouse may set back a part of their earnings until after the split up. Look for letters, notes, or emails asking to defer income. Look at past records of your spouses earnings. If he/she is normally receives $60,000 per year in earnings and is all of a sudden not picking up any money or a dramatic drop. Advise your lawyer.

2) Some spouses receive incentives in addition to their net salary. Look for situations where partial incentives are cashed and the other part is set up into a unshared account accruing to the welfare of the employee. Incentives can be deferred for future dispersion. Look for a pattern of incentive payments in the past.

3) If your partner is abruptly short of Money, or if their weekly ATM withdrawal dramatically increases, that might be a good sign.

4) Does the post come to your house? If not, that could be a warning that your spouse doesn’t wish you to see certain arriving financial statements.

5) Any alterations in the way family Money is dealt with. Did that joint savings account all of a sudden vanish? Was stock sold or turned over over into something else?

Hiding money in divorce is illegal. It can also cost the other person thousands whilst the partner who is actually hiding money in divorce makes a small fortune and an easy get away. If you’d like to know the low-down, dirty secrets to hiding money in divorce so that you can save thousands in your divorce, you need to see this website http://divorcemoneysecrets.com

You’ll uncover all the secrets behind hidden divorce money and how to save your future from protecting yourself against them.


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