How to keep an ex-spouse from harassing you

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

My ex-wife and I do not get along at all. She is constantly harassing me, threatening me, texting me insulting messages, etc. I do not want to be bothered by her again and want all communication done through my attorney.

How can I keep her from communicating with me?


I’m sorry that things have not gone well with your ex-wife. If you do not want to have any contact with your ex-wife, you could certainly retain an attorney to write that letter requesting that all communications be made directly through your attorney.

If she is making serious threats, you could also retain an attorney to possibly file a motion asking the court to restrain her from such actions.  Or you could attempt to block texts and calls from her phone number.

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One comment on “How to keep an ex-spouse from harassing you

    MY EX keeps bothering me after we are divorce she cheated on me shes pregnant from that other person she moved in with him to a different county and she had lost custody of my kids till she moved back to here ventura it will be back to every other week so she broke up with her boy friend prego shes coming back telling me shes gonna need my help but i don’t think is fair cuz i have my kids and i pay everything like food and sitting for them now she said shes back and wanna take over her responsibilities but with no job or place to stay she wants me to star paying for her shit again please i need your help shes a bipolar person she has 4 police reports for domestic violence towards me in last year and also went to jail…. and now almost 1 year later (me) i have a girlfriend and shes just saying a lot nonsense to her and all my family like texting them and me so please let me know if i could do something about this situation please #8057587248 live in oxnard ca 93030 ( victor) i don’t wanna pay anything or help her at all cuz she should be able to get a job and help her self.

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