How To Prepare For Your Daughter’s First Date

By Contel Bradforddaughter's first date

Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part series on tips for preparing for your daughter’s first date. Click here to read Part 2.

With prom season rapidly approaching, fathers all over the country are collectively dreading one single occasion – their daughter’s first date.  I’m certainly not looking forward to it, but again, this is just one of those bridges that must be crossed.  It is what it is.

Your baby girl who once played with Barbie dolls and sung along with Barney is now fawning over the Jonas Brothers and “Keeping up With the Kardashians.”  You have to let her grow up one day, but there is no need to send her out there blindly and worry yourself to death in the process.

Allow me to share a few tips that will help you survive the ordeal.


Let Her Ease Into the Dating Process

Quite a few fathers I’ve talked to have expressed that the best way to approach the situation is to let your daughter ease into the process.  I have a friend who started out by allowing his daughter to hang out with a small group that of course consisted of boy she liked, and then letting her gradually move up to double dates, and finally a one-on-one encounter.  I think this approach can be effective as it gives her a sense of independence while allowing her to gain some valuable experience beforehand.  This way, you are her helping your daughter develop her own instincts, which is good because you will not be able to keep her under your protective wing forever.  I am also fond of this approach because that freedom helps to reduce the probability of a rebellious situation where she feels like you don’t trust her.


Cover the Safety Aspects

One of the biggest fears single dads have about allowing their daughter to date relates to her safety.  This is very understandable because the world we live in only seems to get crazier by the day. Sadly, it has become quite common to hear stories of teens being injured and fatally wounded in automobile accidents due to circumstances such as reckless driving, neglecting to wear seatbelts, and the involvement of alcohol.  Though it is a sensitive subject, you also have to think about what could potentially go wrong if the date does not turn out like the boy expected.

As a worst-case type of guy, I believe in covering every possible scenario and addressing it.  I’m not saying instill the fear of God, but let her know that you are concerned for her well-being.  This is not only your chance to lay down the law, but also throw out some safety precautions that she understands and will hopefully adhere to.


Get the Lowdown on the Dude

While I don’t advise being so invasive that your daughter feels like you’re prying in her private life, I do suggest getting some background information on the young man who will be accompanying her on the first date.  In order to get the scoop, you will need to sit her down for a little Q and A.  Where does he live?  What kind of grades is he pulling in?  Why do you like him?  More than likely, this will still come off as “nosey” in your daughter’s eyes, but the interrogation session is warranted.

Listen … I was not only a fast learner, if you catch my drift, but also into all sorts of things a teenager should never be exposed to.  Things are a bit different, but times haven’t changed all that much.  Kids still throw back the booze, deal drugs, do drugs, and a host of other illicit activities.  I would say keep your ear to the rumor mill at the very least because in the end, your daughter is your business.

Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part series on tips for preparing for your daughter’s first date. Click here to read Part 2.


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    Advice for daughter going on her first unescorted date: Keep you legs crossed, Feet on the floor, and never travel in groups of less than Four.

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