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A primary focus of this year’s annual Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome will be the hopeful inclusion of parental alienation disorder in the next edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, also known as DSM-5. readers are being offered a discounted price of $150 per ticket compared to the regular price of $195. Email to reserve this discounted price. Also, the first 20 people to email with the subject line “CSPAS” will receive a free ticket!

The annual conference is designed to assist the general public, mental health professionals, family law lawyers, family mediators and other professionals to better understand parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome.

Parental alienation disorder is a mental condition in which a child, usually one put in the middle of a contentious divorce, allies himself or herself strongly with one parent and rejects a relationship with the other parent without legitimate justification.

If the American Psychiatric Association includes parental alienation disorder in its next diagnostic book, it will “go a long way towards creating awareness and helping children and families affected by this disorder,” Dr. Amy J. Baker, a highly respected researcher in the field  of parental alienation and the author of peer reviewed articles and books on the subject, said in a press release.

The CSPAS will take place in New York City on Oct. 2-3 and is titled “Parental Alienation Syndrome: Past Present and Future.” The conference is specifically geared towards the interests of mental health and family law professionals, but is also open to the general public. To register for this conference you can visit the CSPAS website at

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