Is Private School Tuition Part Of Child Support?


My ex-wife is putting our daughter in private school and wants me to pay half of tuition on top of the child support I’m already paying.

Is private school tuition part of child support?


While I am not licensed to practice law in your state and cannot give you legal advice, I can give some general observations on this issue based on the jurisdiction where I practice.

In most states, the cost of private school is not owed by the parent who does not put the child in that school, unless there was a prior agreement about the cost, or unless a court order specifically addresses the issues. I would not expect the father’s child to have to pay this expense, but a judge could rule otherwise.

Omaha divorce attorney Nancy Shannon
Omaha divorce attorney Nancy Shannon

Family law is based on statutes that are state specific. I am licensed to practice in Nebraska and am not able to give specific and detailed legal advice regarding your situation. You need to contact an attorney licensed in your state who specializes in domestic litigation.

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One comment on “Is Private School Tuition Part Of Child Support?

    This article makes my blood boil! I have an ex-husband who insisted on privates single sex schools for both our children and gladly signed contracts with these schools. After attending these ‘Elitist’ schools for 3 years they now HAVE TO GO – He wants a life! Goodness, be a man and pay for your children nobody asks to be born. I am chronically ill, can not work, he left me during a stem cell transplant and I get the basic out of Child Support. Shame Shame on people who don’t look after their children – hate your ex-partner but not your children.

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