Joseph Cordell Discusses Child Custody On Fox News Radio

Divorce Lawyer Joe founder Joseph Cordell appeared on “The Tom Sullivan Show” to discuss how child custody battles are being heavily influenced by family law judges’ biases toward divorced dads.

“One purpose of the law is to protect us from those leanings of individual judges, but once you give a judge such a wide range of discretion and decision-making then it invites that sort of bias,” Cordell said on the Fox News Radio show. “Historically, it has not worked in the favor of guys.”

In divorce court, more than any other area of the law, judges have a huge amount of discretion so there’s a lot of opportunity for biases and particular preferences that all human beings have that come into play, Cordell said.

Since those biases are frequently held against fathers, men must spend more time, money, and effort just to try to get to a level playing field in a family law courtroom, according to Cordell.

Cordell, the principal partner of the divorce law firm for men Cordell & Cordell, also talked about the inequity of alimony and child support awards, and he shared his views on divorce insurance.

To listen to the June 13 podcast, visit The Tom Sullivan Show podcast page. The interview begins around the 1 hour, 28 minute mark.

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