Marital Property Division After Divorce Is Finalized

divorce lawyer Daniel ExnerQuestion:

How is marital property division handed after a divorce has been issued?

My ex-wife is threatening to sue me to claim part of my retirement benefits.

If there is a money judgment against me, can my ex-wife go after my current wife’s assets to help satisfy the judgment?


While I am not licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction, I can provide you with general divorce help to your marital property division question.

The answer depends entirely on the circumstances of your case. I do not know if she is suing you for part of an asset she should have received pursuant to your divorce decree or if she is trying to obtain an asset that you acquired after the divorce.

With regard to your current wife’s assets, if your ex-wife obtains a money judgment against you, she may be able to access your marital interest in your wife’s assets.

In this situation, your ex-wife would be a general creditor and you would be the debtor and she could execute that judgment, which could attach to certain assets that you have an interest in.

Each state provides exceptions that protect the property of debtors. I strongly advise you to contact a family law attorney to address the details of your case and divorce rights for men.

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