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A new national survey, said to be the first of its kind, will examine the emotional, financial, legal, and social impact of paternity fraud on men.

Carnell Smith, director of U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, and Sharon Squires, assistant professor of sociology at California State University-Dominguez Hills, are heading the survey’s efforts.

“We know very little formally about how men react to learning that they are not the biological father of a child they thought they had fathered,” said Squires. “Men have few places to turn for help when they find themselves in this situation. With this survey we want to get a baseline understanding of this very important issue which has profound implications for society and for a child’s right to know their identity.”




Visit to take the survey and to view a variety of resources on paternity issues.

Also, another organization, Epic Saga Publishing, is seeking submissions of personal experiences from men who are victims of domestic violence, and their friends, or loved ones who are close to the victims, or professionals who helped those victims.

The collection of stories should best demonstrate the need for and importance of domestic violence services for men.

The submissions should give background, details, thoughts and feelings, and what happened when you or the victim sought services.

For more submission information, contact

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