New Film: Divorced Dads Are “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

guilty until proven innocentDivorced dads don’t need to be told about the way the law systematically removes fathers rights in family courtrooms because they have lived it.

But filmmaker Janks Morton wants the whole nation made aware of the injustices facing fathers who are “Guilty Until Proven Innocent.”

That’s the aptly named title of Morton’s new documentary, which shares the stories of five men to reveal how millions of other fathers and their children are unjustly separated from each other by family courts under the guise of “the best interest of the children.”

Guilty Until Proven Innocent” premieres Tuesday, July 26, in Washington D.C. You can learn more about the film, watch a trailer, and order a DVD copy by visiting the film’s website.

Morton talked with editor Matt Allen about dispelling damaging stereotypes, solutions to this serious but correctable problem, and what he hopes people walking out of the movie theater are talking about.

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