Parental Alienation Syndrome: The Rachel House

What do you do if you receive custody of your alienated child? Where do you go? How do you begin rebuilding a severely compromised relationship?

DadsDivorce learned about The Rachel House and The Rachel Foundation at the recent Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome.

DadsDivorce editor, Rick Ortiz, discusses the hard work of recovering from PAS with Pamela Stuart Mills-Hoch, one of the founders of The Rachel House. At the Rachel House children are reunited in a “Home environment” where healing can begin again. Help and is available and hope is possible!

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 Get more information about the Rachel House and The Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome.

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4 comments on “Parental Alienation Syndrome: The Rachel House

    The Rachel House/Rachel Foundation was sued due to abuse and neglect of a child placed with them by a custodial father (the mother sued). Rachel House/Foundation is gone.

    Rachel House: If I could only get my Rachel there!
    When I learned of the existence of Rachel House I felt it ironic carried the name of my precious Rachel. That has been many years ago. The members of Help Stop PAS (founded in memory of Dr. Rick Lohstroh)(no longer existent) brought Pamela Hoch and one of her brilliant counselors as guest speakers once in Houston, Texas. I have followed their work for many years and wish daily for a way to get my daughter now 23 years of age to go there with me. Justice for Children, a group that rejects the existence of PAS, did this to us. I wish for the day this disease is recognized as such and this kind of child and parent abuse receives appropriate intervention.

    The Rachel House is a good resource
    I have known Pamela and Bob Hoch for over a year. I have had them on as guests on a show. They are true to their work and have a system that has shown great success in the reunification process. Parental Alienation is a true crime that families suffer from across the world. The Rachel House is a good asset in the PA community and I wish there were more across the country. Thank you for taking the time to give some familes a resource that is valuable to restore the bonds between a parent and child.

    PAS and Resources
    Hello Single Dad Coach,

    I want to look into Rachel House, I am looking for an organization such as this to get involved with. You have meaningful and informative information and posts on your site! The PAS is such a devastating syndrome for all involved, I hope to help make a difference.


    Brigitte Wangberg, M.S., MFT
    Relationship/Divorce Coach
    My Life Instruction and LI

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