Parental Alienation Victim To Share His Story

By Matt Allen


It’s not Halloween but any victims of parental alienation out there will want to hear this horror story.

You may have heard of James Wardner, a dentist in Florida. He was the victim of one of the country’s most unique parental alienation cases courtesy of his ex-wife. According to a press release, his ex-wife called the police so often during Wardner’s scheduled court-ordered visitation time that the police bought her story and arrested Wardner in front of his children at his office and charged him with parental kidnapping.

It is said Wardner is the only American father ever charged with kidnapping during a court-ordered visitation with his children.

The arrest made the news, his mugshot was published, and his personal and professional life was dissected. For the first time, Wardner will tell his side of the story.

Tune in to hear parental alienation expert Dr. Richard Warshak talk with Wardner on Friday, June 18 at 7 p.m. EST on Following the interview, Warshak will take questions from the public.

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3 comments on “Parental Alienation Victim To Share His Story

    This is hilarious, if only people knew the[b] REAL [/b]James Wardner. And how stupid you all are for believing parental alienation is his problem. This “father” likes to be called dad but not take the responsibility of a dad, he couldn’t handle it and is now fighting to take these kids from their mother when he can see them but [b]chooses [/b]not to.

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Not only he was very capable but he already died of a broken heart due to the extreme pain he suffered of not being able to see his children and then, when he was allowed to do so, due to the pain of seeing that he could not re-establish a proper connection with the children he saw very little for years. There is almost no manner to reestablish a bond that has been so damaged by lies. You should never speak of people you do not really know.

    Dr. James Wardner is finally speaking publicly on SyndicatedNews.NET
    Dr. Wardner will join the President of the International Parental Alienation Awareness Organization, the Honorable Jill Egizii (also a Chicago Alderwoman) and the Honorable Judge Michele F. Lowrance, Cook County Family Court Judge. The show can be heard LIVE at 7:00 PM EST online at http://www.SyndicatedNews.NET

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