Parental Kidnapping Warning Signs

parental kidnapping warning signsBy Julie Garrison

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There are certain behaviors that a divorced dad should be aware of that may indicate an increased risk of parental kidnapping in a divorce and child custody case.

Parents should be on high alert if their spouse has:

  • A history of threatening or actually attempting to abduct the children;
  • Refusing child visitation or shared parenting time to her ex-husband;
  • Is liquidating her assets or has certain resources – such as family assistance – to survive in hiding;
  • Is fixated on her skewed idea that the children are being abused by their father and firmly believes that the authorities are not taking her charges seriously;
  • Engages in ongoing hostility and unfounded allegations against her ex-husband;
  • Is mentally ill, i.e., delusional, refuses to take psychiatric medications, threatens repeatedly to commit murder or suicide;
  • Has a history of hospitalizations for mental illness.

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