Reimbursement Of Child Care Costs If There Is Assistance

divorce lawyer Daniel LambertQuestion:

I am ordered to split the cost of child care with my ex-wife who essentially lives off state assistance.

She says that since the state is paying a portion of our child’s care that the state is paying her portion and I’m responsible for the rest.

Since the state is a third party, shouldn’t we be responsible for splitting the remainder of the costs instead?


I can only provide general divorce tips for men and recommend that you consult with a mens divorce attorney licensed in your state concerning your divorce case.

Generally speaking, the provisions of the divorce decree will dictate how the un-reimbursed medical payment is to be divided.

If a party fails to follow the provisions of the agreement, then the other party can file a motion for contempt and as part of the remedy have the court adjust the payment requirements.

It may be possible to have the current divorce order modified depending on how the state handles the reimbursement. It may also be the case that the state could seek reimbursement from you for the un-reimbursed medical expenses that they paid out on.

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State Divorce Laws

I cannot provide you with comment on how your state assistance covers payment and reimbursement. I would recommend that you contact an attorney licensed in your area to discuss your particular divorce decree and how the state handles coverage on the medical expenses.

Your divorce judgment, the state guidelines, and the facts of your current case will dictate how these expenses are handled.

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