Relocation And Access To Your Kids

DadsDivorce editor, Rick Ortiz, speaks with Stanley Charles Thorne about how one parent’s decision to relocate with a child can wreak havoc in the relationship in the non-custodial parent/child relationship.

What does the Constitution have to say about relocation impacts parental rights? What are some of the loopholes that allow this to happen every day? How can your vigilance help avert the impact of this maneuver? 

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2 comments on “Relocation And Access To Your Kids

    If you have to get a GAL (guardian ad litem) to ensure that your children can’t relocate with custodial parent, please do so. They can help keep relocation from occuring.
    What happens to children when a parent relocates far away. I know, follow along, the non-custodial parent may have to pay some travel, the children want non-custodial parent to come to their town, etc. This can cost you a small fortune so along with child support you will pay for your entertainment, living and travel expenses typically 500/ weekend for visiting up to 3 children. then when you find out that that cost too much the children can come to you, well, that won’t last long since they loose friend in there old home area and over time they won’t want to come anymore and will hate you more when you won’t come to them. That set’s up conflicts between all parties and children will be alienated from the non-custodial parent. It does not work, do not le the move, you have to be close to them or they will over time distance them selve from you especially if ther is another new father at the new location that provides them alot of fun activities.

    Kudos to Cordell & Cordell
    My compliments – it’s a shame C&C does not have an affiliate in Lake county Indiana. 🙂

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