Being Denied Fault Grounds For Divorce

divorce lawyer Kirsten Reneau

Question: At the pre-trial divorce hearing, the judge announced that the trial would proceed as a no-fault divorce hearing even though I have evidence of adultery. Can a judge deny my opportunity to introduce the fault grounds that caused the dissolution of the marriage?


Is Adultery A Crime That Will Be Enforced?

divorce lawyer Andrew Laufers

Question: Adultery is a crime punishable in my state by one year in jail and/or a fine. My wife has committed adultery, and I would like to know how I can get her and her boyfriend charged with a crime. Worse, my wife was caught committing these acts by our


What Evidence Is Needed To Prove Cheating?

prove cheating divorce

Question: During my divorce hearing, I would like to present evidence proving my wife is cheating on me since her infidelity and adultery may bar her from receiving alimony. What type of evidence is needed to prove cheating? Do I need photos from a private investigator? Will phone records, bank