Issues To Handle After Your Divorce Decree Is Entered

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By Nathan A. Hacker Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer After your divorce decree has been finalized and entered by the court, you should seek counsel regarding any trusts or estates that you have set up for your family. You will want to have those rewritten so that your children are the beneficiaries


Dividing The Declining Value Of A 401k

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Question: My financial advice on divorce question has to deal with delays in withdrawing 401k money post divorce. My ex-wife was awarded the right to claim 50% of my 401k. The value of my 401k account at the time of my divorce six years ago was $100,000. The current value


Responding to a QDRO

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Question: This week I received a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) to sign. My wife’s lawyer told me I had to have it signed, notarized and returned within one business day or she is going to file a Motion for Entry and take me to court. Shouldn’t I legally be