Issues To Handle After Your Divorce Decree Is Entered

divorce decree issuesBy Nathan A. Hacker

Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer

After your divorce decree has been finalized and entered by the court, you should seek counsel regarding any trusts or estates that you have set up for your family.

You will want to have those rewritten so that your children are the beneficiaries of your hard work.

If you have a life insurance policy that lists your ex-wife as the beneficiary you may want to consider having that transferred into a trust for your children.

It would be a shame to do so much to protect your assets from your ex-wife throughout your divorce only to have her receive a payout from your life insurance policy when it should have gone to your children.

A lot of times the relief of having the divorce over clouds the memory as to what accounts she is still listed as the beneficiary on. This should include any 401(k) funds from your employer, life insurance policies, your will, annuities, investments, or anything else that might have a designated beneficiary or recipient.

Don’t have your beneficiaries fighting your next of kin at the cost of your estate. Clean it up sooner rather than later – because later may not be soon enough.

Handling Issues Post-Divorce

It is likely that you will be ordered to do some things that cannot be reasonably done until after the divorce decree is done. These include setting up child support payments, entering Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to divide a 401(k) or pension, refinancing to remove a name from a mortgage or title, execution of a quitclaim deed, or other conveyance.

Again, don’t wait to discuss these issues with your divorce lawyer. Many of these things are not difficult to prepare for someone that is familiar with the process, such as an experienced mens divorce attorney.

Additionally there may be deadlines to your compliance and consequences written into your decree to enforce the required action. I would suggest creating a calendar with the deadlines on it.


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