Could An Anxiety Disorder Warrant An Annulment?

Question: My wife and I are heading toward divorce. She recently started receiving treatment for an anxiety disorder after years of refusing as I pleaded with her to seek help. Does her mental condition, being classified as an illness by a psychiatrist, warrant any consideration to seek an annulment based


Pope Francis’ Comments Reflect Complexities Of Divorce

religion and divorce

Last week, Pope Francis sparked much debate regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on divorce by urging Catholics to be more welcoming of those who divorce and remarry. In front of a gathering outside the Vatican, Francis said that divorced and remarried couples, “are not excommunicated and they absolutely must not be


The Philippines: The Land Of No Divorce (Laws)

divorce in the Philippines

Undoubtedly, there are many flaws with the divorce and custody laws in the United States. But clearly there are situations in other parts of the globe that are much worse. Take a look at the Philippines, which aside from Vatican City, is the last country in the world that lacks


Can I get my Marriage Annulled?

Recently pop-star and music icon Britney Spears got a marriage annulled which prompted some increased discussion regarding what is needed to successfully have a marriage annulled.  Can I get my marriage annulled if I was only married for six days? Can I get my marriage annulled if my partner and